First encounter with a paranormal celebrity

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Recap of my day and night with the famous Klinge Brothers from the hit show Ghost Lab

Those who knew me when I was growing up will be very quick to tell you that my high school girl crushes belonged to members of the South East Melbourne Magic basketball team in the NBL. My priorities however became a little different when I got a bit older. I stopped following any kind of sport and celebrities to me now are pretty much people none of my friends have ever heard of. They are the paranormal celebrities that have their own tv shows, podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels and just people being themselves. I have been lucky enough to meet a few of them over the past year. Even though I don’t have a schoolgirl crush on most of them, I still go all shy and excited when I am in their presence just because I am in the presence of awesome.

So my first encounter with a paranormal celebrity was when Brad and Barry Klinge from the TV show ‘Ghost Lab’ came out to Australia to do a full day’s seminar talking about all things paranormal. It ended with a paranormal investigation of my favourite hotspot of the time, the Old Geelong Gaol. So now I have a bit of a confession to make. Up until the day of the seminar, I had no idea who Brad and Barry were and I had never watched an episode of Ghost Lab. Back then I was only just starting out on the serious side of investigating and I didn’t know if I wanted to sit at a seminar for a whole day. I had never seen it on cable which I didn't have when it aired over here so I had to go in blind. Up until the morning of the seminar, I was thinking of excuses to pull out. Mmmmmm did I have a headache, a cold, maybe one of the kids was sick and needed me to stay home? In the end, I went because I wanted to absorb as much knowledge and wisdom as I could. After all, it could only be of benefit to me if I was going to take investigating seriously. Let me tell you, this day changed everything for me and I am so so so so so glad that I went. First of all, I have to thank my brother for shouting me a ticket as it wasn’t free. Like the good student that I was like in high school, I sat front row at the seminar. (To this day I generally still sit in the front row of most seminars). I'm always the blonde in the front row .... no really look at all the photos, there I am!

The moment these guys started talking I was captivated. It felt like they were talking just to me. Sitting in the front row had a lot to do with that as at times they were talking and looking right at me. I remember hoping there wasn’t a test at the end to see how much we took in because at times it did get technical, and I can’t help it but if things get too technical I zone out. This is why every team has a tech specialist (which I am sure you have figured by now is never me!). Let them worry about the technical stuff. The guys had some great stories and shared their amazing theories. I learnt so much from them. Brad did ask the unavoidable question "Is there anyone here who hasn’t watched the show?". I lied and said I did. I have now watched every episode of the show and loved it so that counts right? They had a lot of fans there of the show and I can see why. These guys really knew their stuff,but what was the most surprising to me, was how down-to-earth they were and made time for everyone. Autographs, photos, hugs, you could ask them anything or just have a chat. They really gave back to their fans and were genuinely happy to be there. After the night Brad even added me on Facebook as a friend because I commented on my friend’s photo with them (who had him as a friend) that they were lovely guys and very cuddly. Brad replied to me and asked in a joking way "Are you saying I am fat?". I was mortified, but he has an awesome sense of humour. He then sent me a friend request and of course, I accepted. Yes I know I am one of his thousands of close personal friends on Facebook but it was a lovely gesture just to show that he gives back to his fans.

During the investigation, the guys taught us all a few different techniques that they use and some of them I still use today. We call it ‘Klinge Style’. It is pretty much screaming and yelling at the top of your voice to try and draw the energy out of the walls. Let me tell you ... it works! Also hearing Brad’s loud booming voice fill the gaol was amazing and gave me chills. It's funny just reading over this article as every time I write the word ‘gaol’ I think of Brad. He gives Aussies a hard time on Facebook because in America it is spelt Jail and says it must be an ‘Aussie’ thing.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience which I hope will become a twice-in-a-lifetime experience if they come out again. The only thing I am not looking forward to if they do come out again ……. this time I will have to pay for my own ticket because my brother won't pay for me lol! Money well spent I say.

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