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A family ghost story

18th September 2022 Reading Time: 15 minutes Famous Paranormal Cases, General. 1980 views. 0

In 1909, Frank Podmore released the book Telepathic Hallucinations: the new view of ghosts. Inside was witness accounts from several people about an encounter a family had with the sighting of a ghost.

Lady Wonder, the mind reading mare

17th September 2022 Reading Time: 10 minutes Famous Paranormal Cases, General. 1105 views. 0

There is much written about humans who were thought to possess telepathic abilities. There was however a very famous horse who was said to not only possess psychic ability, but she helped the police solve mysteries! Her name was Lady Wonder, the mind reading mare. Was she really psychic or was she picking up on her owner's visual cues?

Paranormal Book Club: Guidance notes

16th September 2022 Reading Time: 3 minutes General, Paranormal Book Club. 635 views. 0

In this paranormal book club, we are looking at what I consider to be two must have books for anyone involved in paranormal investigation.

The Drummer of Tedworth

12th September 2022 Reading Time: 7 minutes General, Famous Paranormal Cases. 3514 views. 0

We love a good ghost story, this famous story dates back to 1661 and is described as a real account of poltergeist activity, summoned by witchcraft.

Haunted Magazine Issue 35 - The Feminine Macabre

5th September 2022 Reading Time: 2 minutes General. 534 views. 0

All the info about the latest issue of Haunted Magazine!

Thinking of you

4th September 2022 Reading Time: 11 minutes General, Paranormal Theories. 1179 views. 0

Could just the act of honouring or remembering our loved ones cause us to experience something paranormal?  I am not referring to a type of grief hallucination, but what if it is the act of us honouring or remembering a loved one that is actually us causing the paranormal event?

The blue book

20th August 2022 Reading Time: 10 minutes Conspiracy Theories, General, Famous Paranormal Cases. 1074 views. 3

In today's modern World, it is quite easy to get a lot of information from a person just from their digital imprint. What about 100 years ago when there was no internet?  Researchers from 100 years ago speculated there was a network of mediums that collated and shared information in a book.  It was called the blue book. But did it really exist?

LLIFS Resource Directory: Revelations of a spirit medium

20th August 2022 Reading Time: 4 minutes General, Paranormal Book Club. 829 views. 0

The highlight of the LLIFS Resource Directory this week is by Harry Price. Revelations of a spirit medium delves into the deception from the spiritualist era.

Static Electricity and the paranormal

14th August 2022 Reading Time: 7 minutes General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 2426 views. 2

One of the latest trends over the last few years seems to be devices that detect static electricity. Let's look at static electricity and if it has a connection to the paranormal.

Dark tourism

7th August 2022 Reading Time: 9 minutes General, Paranormal Investigation. 1143 views. 0

Many years ago, talking about the macabre was considered taboo, let alone looking for ghosts. As society has changed and evolved, it has become acceptable and just downright cool to explore your spooky side. Dark tourism has grown since the late 90's and offers a glimpse into the psychology of why human nature leads us to explore the macabre.