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Paranormal and the media
27th January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 216 views. 0 comments. General.
Whether it is mainstream media like TV or radio or paranormal media such as podcasts and blogs, you will always see different teams and investigators in the media. From playing the ghostbusters theme in the background, to having a laugh or being able to share your thoughts, media opportunities are a mixed bag.

Life extension - Cryonic Suspension
24th January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 233 views. 0 comments. General.
Stemming inspiration from the movie Vanilla Sky, I explore cryonic suspension and potential implications it could have, especially with our consciousness.

The Scientific Method
22nd January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 347 views. 2 comments. Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General, Paranormal Investigation.
A lot of investigators (myself in the past included) often advertise that we take a scientific approach to paranormal investigation, usually because we use equipment. When you compare this to the actual scientific method, are we really being that scientific just because we have a gadget? What is the scientific method and how can we apply it to paranormal investigating?

Paranormal investigating is not glamourous
21st January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 968 views. 4 comments. General, Paranormal Investigation.
While it may look like a fun and exciting thing to do on TV, the reality of paranormal investigation is very different. It is hard work and far from glamourous

The old school tricks of deception - Rapping
18th January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 486 views. 1 comments. Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General, Paranormal Investigation.
During the spiritualist era starting in the mid 1800's, there was a new interest in people trying to make contact with their loved ones through seance. Sadly, a lot of the mediums performing these seances were frauds and used some very creative tricks of deception to convince their audience that they were the real deal. Let's explore some of the techniques that were used to recreate rapping and how we can be mindful during modern day paranormal investigating.

The source of psychical phenomena - what part does the pineal gland play?
17th January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 2071 views. 0 comments. General, Supernatural Synchronicity.
Ashley wrote quote an interesting introduction for Supernatural Synchronicity looking at the potential source of psychical phenomena. I found his thoughts on the pineal gland particularly interesting so I have delved into the pineal gland a little bit further.

The famous faces of Black Rock House
16th January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 329 views. 0 comments. Tales of Black Rock House, General.
While Black Rock House is known to be the original seaside holiday home for Victoria's first Auditor General Mr Charles Ebden, there are a lot of other famous personalities connected with the property.

What is our subconscious and what information does it hold?
13th January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 402 views. 2 comments. General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know.
We often talk about our subconscious and the effect it can have on how we interpret information. Exactly what information is stored in our subconscious and what does it do? Do the memories of our ancestors or past lives influence our subconscious?

A Dream within a dream
12th January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 328 views. 2 comments. General.
In his poem 'A dream within a dream' Edgar Allan Poe asks the simple yet complicated life question, is what we see real?

Don't let fear hold you back
9th January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 443 views. 0 comments. General.
The unknown is scary and uncomfortable. Don't let your fear stop you from doing something you could potentially love!

VIDEO - A walk through Coolart Homestead
8th January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 191 views. 0 comments. General, Paranormal Locations, Videos.
Join me for a quick walk through Coolart Homestead - Mornington Peninsula Victoria Australia

The ladies of paranormal's past
6th January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 641 views. 0 comments. Conversations with a paranormal investigator, General, Famous Paranormal Cases.
While when we reflect on paranormal research from the past, people often mention names like Price and Holzer. There were however some amazing females behind the pursuit of paranormal research during the same eras that don't get nearly enough recognition for their work and the part they had in bringing paranormal research to the forefront of the public.

Religion and the paranormal
6th January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 701 views. 4 comments. General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know.
In order to properly understand how much of an influence religion can have on paranormal investigator and how they interpret activity, we first have to have a better understanding of religion itself and people's perception of it. How much of an influence does religion have on the way we investigate the paranormal?

What exactly is haunting us?
4th January 2019 Sarah Chumacero 354 views. 2 comments. General, Paranormal Investigation.
Following on from the article 'Are we the ghosts' here are some more interesting theories from the world of paranormal investigators as to what it is that could be 'haunting' us

What does 2019 mean for you and the paranormal?
31st December 2018 Sarah Chumacero 375 views. 1 comments. General.
As we sit and reflect on the year that passed, we look forward to the year ahead, but what does it mean for us and our place in the paranormal field? Now is the perfect time to make sure that YOU are happy in the field and that you are doing the things that make YOU happy, and not someone else.

Understanding the importance of your voice
26th December 2018 Sarah Chumacero 257 views. 0 comments. General.
When speaking about the paranormal field, people underestimate how important their voice is. Sometimes we need to mindful about how we portray ourselves as representatives of the paranormal field, to ensure the information we are presenting to the public is both educated and well informed.

Talking with the Planets - Nikola Tesla
26th December 2018 Sarah Chumacero 331 views. 0 comments. General, Famous Paranormal Cases.
In 1901, Nikola Tesla published an article in Collier's Weekly titled Talking with the Planets.

Live streaming during paranormal investigations – Do’s and Don'ts!
20th December 2018 Sarah Chumacero 800 views. 0 comments. General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know.
Live streams are fast becoming a popular tool for investigators for lots of reasons and like anything can be good and bad.

The secret word is .......
19th December 2018 Sarah Chumacero 561 views. 0 comments. Famous Paranormal Cases, General.
When Harry Houdini passed, he had given his wife Bess a secret 'password' that he hoped he would be able to communicate after he passed away and perform his final escape, from death. A yearly seance was held, but did the secret code ever come through?

Are we the ghosts?
13th December 2018 Sarah Chumacero 466 views. 1 comments. Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General.
We go out in the dark of night with our flashlights and equipment in the hope of recording some sort of evidence that may give us an insight into paranormal phenomena in a quest that essentially looks to prove ghosts are real. What if we are looking at it in the wrong way? What if we are the ghosts?