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Jumping on the paranormal bandwagon

9th April 2023 Reading Time: 10 minutes General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 1140 views. 1

While it can be easy to just follow, don't lose yourself by jumping on the paranormal bandwagon. Think for yourself!

Temperature Drops and Cold Spots

7th April 2023 Reading Time: 9 minutes General, Paranormal Theories. 1070 views. 0

Is a drop in temperature a sign of something paranormal? Psychical Researchers would observe temperature drops when observing psychic mediumship demonstrations. We then fast forward to modern-day paranormal investigating and look at what natural explanations can cause us to feel these cold spots and the best way to measure them.

The Osterhase (Easter Bunny)

2nd April 2023 Reading Time: 2 minutes General. 2823 views. 0

We know that Easter is traditionally a Christian holiday with some pagan roots. But where did the giant bunny come from? Here is all you need to know about the Easter Bunny or the Osterhase.

Before the ghost hunters

24th March 2023 Reading Time: 7 minutes General. 786 views. 0

What did people do before social media when they felt they were the subject of a haunting?  

An old school ghost hunter through pictures: Harry Price

22nd March 2023 Reading Time: 3 minutes General. 1337 views. 0

Harry Price is one of the most well-known paranormal investigators in history.  Long before paranormal reality television shows, Price made a name for himself for his investigations into psychical phenomena and exposing fraudulent psychic mediums. Let's take a look at some of his work through photographs.

Jail or Gaol .... which is one is it?

19th March 2023 Reading Time: 2 minutes General. 2417 views. 0

Australians spell old prisons as Gaol. Modern prisons here in Australia are referred to now as Jail. Americans have always spelt it as Jail, now we do too, yet we spelt it as Gaol up until the 1990's. Here is the low down!

Houdini does congress

16th March 2023 Reading Time: 8 minutes General, Harry Houdini. 840 views. 0

In 1926, Harry Houdini testified in front of congress in Washington to push through a proposed bill aimed at regulating the act of fortune-telling. While the bill never passed, the proceedings were described as an 'uproarious hearing' with plenty of revelations.

LLIFS VS AI: Paranormal Research

12th March 2023 Reading Time: 10 minutes General, LLIFS VS AI. 954 views. 0

I challenge AI to discuss the benefits and downfalls of using AI for paranormal research, more specifically in data collection and analysis.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Tarot Deck Review

11th March 2023 Reading Time: 7 minutes General, Tarot Review. 825 views. 0

Here is my review of the AMAZING Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tarot Deck

Ghosts of the World: Pocong

10th March 2023 Reading Time: 5 minutes General, Ghosts Of The World. 395 views. 0

Many cultures from different countries have different myths/folklore or spirits to fear or worship. This short series looks at the different ghosts from around the World! Today's ghost is the Pocong