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Conversations with a paranormal investigator .... Cat From Spirit Paranormal Investigations
13th September 2018 Sarah Chumacero 396 views. 0 comments. General, Conversations with a paranormal investigator.
This week I chat to a fellow Aussie investigator Cat Ward. She has been in the paranormal field for 18 years and always willing to have a chat and lend advice to her fellow investigators. She has some really interesting thoughts too!

Fortune Telling from the 1970's
10th September 2018 Sarah Chumacero 638 views. 0 comments. General.
When my Nan passed away, I was given a deck of cards she used to read. She used a typewriter and stuck the meaning to each card. They are easily over 50+ years old as well as cuttings from a New Idea article on fortune telling from the 1970's. Due to overwhelming demand from my followers, I have written each card meaning and included some photos of the cuttings. Take a journey back to the 1970's! If anything, the ads are a bit of a laugh.

Conversations with a paranormal investigator ... Brian from
7th September 2018 Sarah Chumacero 369 views. 0 comments. General, Conversations with a paranormal investigator.
Brian from New Hampshire in the USA, dedicates his time to researching and running a website dedicated to maintaining a large database of 'haunted locations' as well as general information about the paranormal field.

Females and the paranormal
7th September 2018 Sarah Chumacero 531 views. 0 comments. General, Paranormal Investigation.
There seems to be more females out there searching for the paranormal. I have some theories as to why and tackle why it seems the field is dominated by male leaders and how females are changing the landscape of the paranormal field.

Hollywood 'horror' stunts to promote movies
4th September 2018 Sarah Chumacero 470 views. 0 comments. General.
In our modern world, it is pretty hard to shock people. We have become so desensitised that the content in some movies is just down right disturbing. Movie companies are always looking for ways to get you to see a movie and will often promote it as the 'Scariest movie ever'. This is not a new practise. It has been done for decades. Let's look at some of the most popular examples of 'horror movie hype'.

Random word generator VS the Ovilus
4th September 2018 Sarah Chumacero 308 views. 0 comments. General, Paranormal Equipment, Paranormal Investigation.
The Ovilus is a controversial and popular tool to investigate the paranormal. I have previously looked at the odds of a relevant word appearing, but how does it stack up against a random word generator? Here is an experiment you can try using a random word generator to compare against your Ovilus results and stack up just how often do random words come up?

Conversations with a paranormal investigator ..... Ashley Knibb
1st September 2018 Sarah Chumacero 393 views. 0 comments. Conversations with a paranormal investigator, Interviews, General.
Conversations with a paranormal investigator aims to shine a light on individuals throughout the paranormal field from all corners of the world and the work they are doing. In the first edition, I talk to fellow paranormal blogger Ashley Knibb from the UK

Does the way you investigate help you toward the answers you are looking for?
1st September 2018 Sarah Chumacero 250 views. 0 comments. General.
I recently looked at myself and my research compared to how I investigate. Do I investigate in a way that aids my research to help me find these answers I am looking for? Am I asking the same questions week in and week out when I should be looking at things differently?

Jail or Gaol .... which is one is it?
26th August 2018 Sarah Chumacero 602 views. 0 comments. General.
Australians spell old prisons as Gaol. Modern prisons here in Australia are referred to now as Jail. Americans have always spelt it as Jail, now we do too, yet we spelt it as Gaol up until the 1990's. Confused? Me too.

Ethics, grief and the paranormal.
21st August 2018 Sarah Chumacero 642 views. 0 comments. General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know.
Just because we can, should we? In an unregulated industry, there are certain things we need to stay away from. While it can be a bit of fun for some, there are people that are grieving or protective of family members who have passed away that we need to be considerate of. How soon is too soon?

Why we should avoid recording EVP sessions in MP3 format
15th August 2018 Sarah Chumacero 697 views. 0 comments. General, Paranormal Equipment, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know.
EVP is one of the staples of paranormal investigating. If you don't have any equipment, you are still able to record a session using a digital recorder or a mobile phone. While it is convenient, it may not be useful as we think it is if the audio is compressed into MP3 format.

Tales of Black Rock House - The Dining Room
5th August 2018 Sarah Chumacero 390 views. 0 comments. General, Tales of Black Rock House, Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Locations.
In this instalment we head into the Dining Room and ask the question, 'what is up with that mirror?'

Is your vision disturbance a paranormal experience or part of Alice in Wonderland syndrome?
5th August 2018 Sarah Chumacero 707 views. 0 comments. General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know.
Visual disturbances are something common we experience during investigations. When we get tired, our brain does some strange things. One of these can be altering our visual perception where things can seem smaller, larger, closer or further away than they actually are. This is called Alice in Wonderland syndrome.

Death masks and the study of phrenology
2nd August 2018 Sarah Chumacero 657 views. 0 comments. General.
When roaming the halls of what was once a gaol, it is not uncommon for there to be displays and stories of former inmates.  What is particularly un nerving, is when they have on display a death mask.  The Old Melbourne Gaol in Victoria is full of them.  So what is a death mask and why would you cast a mask of someone who was executed? What has it got to do with phrenology?

Is it paranormal or 'xenonormal'
31st July 2018 Sarah Chumacero 721 views. 0 comments. General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know.
Normal means what is considered to be typical or standard. Para means beyond or alongside. Paranormal is obviously beyond what we consider to be normal. So then, what is Xenonormal?

Pliny the Younger and the first written 'Ghost Story' - Athendorus and the Ghost
29th July 2018 Sarah Chumacero 718 views. 0 comments. General, Famous Paranormal Cases.
There are a lot of accounts written centuries ago of encounters with ghosts and poltergeists such as the Drummer of Tedworth and the Devil of Glenluce from the 1600's. It is thought however the first written account of a ghost was written sometime before 113 AD by Pliny the Younger in one of his famous letters.

The witching/devil's hour
27th July 2018 Sarah Chumacero 2085 views. 0 comments. General, Famous Paranormal Cases.
The witching hour, dead time and the devil’s hour are just some of the terms used to describe a time in the dead of night.  Between 3-4am is considered by some as the time most likely for all things that go bump in the night to come out and play.  What is the origins behind this and is there any truth to it?

Why does the time always seem to be 11:11?
22nd July 2018 Sarah Chumacero 1349 views. 3 comments. General, Famous Paranormal Cases.
You glance down at your watch, and there it is. The same time it always seems to be. For some people it is 11:11. For other people it is another time. What is the meaning behind this phenomena? Is it synchronicity or is it just a case of co-incidence?

What is a ghost?
20th July 2018 Sarah Chumacero 980 views. 1 comments. General, Paranormal Investigation.
What exactly is a ghost? Is it the spirit of a person that once lived, is it a shift in time or even an alternative dimension? What if a ghost is really just us? Maybe its psychology or our body reacting to the environment around us. Here are some of the theories as to what a ghost actually is. What are your thoughts? What do you think a ghost is?

Are we ready for 'Ghosts' to be proven as real?
18th July 2018 Sarah Chumacero 656 views. 0 comments. General.
We talk about the paranormal sometimes with certainty because we believe within ourselves that there is some sort of afterlife.  The fact is that it is unproven by Science.  The question is though, is the world actually ready for it to be proven as fact?


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