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Here are some book recommendations and even links to free online material on the topic of EVP!

EVP is one of those staple techniques a lot of paranormal investigators use.  It is a controversial area with a debate that what we are hearing is anything from mechanical noise through to an audible form of pareidolia.  That being said, some of the better EVP's are really head-scratching.  Then it comes down to how you do your recordings and how you review.  There are soooo many different opinions out there, so what are we to do?   Find our own method that works for us and the way we work.  That is why it is great to read a variety of different books and resources about EVP and the concept of ITC communication.  So here are my recommendations for books about EVP!

Paracoustics: Sound & the Paranormal by Steven T Parsons & Callum E Cooper

Paracoustics: Paranormal Acoustics From the chain-rattling ghost of Pliny's first century Athens to things that go bump in the night and 21st century electronic voice phenomena sound has always fascinated paranormal researchers. This unique book examines that fascination and presents a selection of the leading research in paranormal acoustics together with an in-depth review of the equipment and techniques that are used by researchers and investigators. It explores the physics and the psychology of sound and its association with the paranormal. Contributed chapters by leading experts in Infrasound, electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), séance tapping and other ghostly sounds encourage a multidisciplinary approach to the subject.


This book is not solely about EVP but concentrates on sound - one of the major elements when it comes to EVP.  You need to have a solid understanding of sound to understand more about the phenomena itself.  This is a book that paranormal investigators will really enjoy delving into, and you will learn a few things along the way too.  Out of all of the books for this month, if you can only get one, this is the one I would recommend as the must-have book to get!

Breakthrough An Amazing Experiment In Electronic Communinication With The Dead. By Konstantin Raudive

Translated by Nadia Fowler, edited by Joyce Morton, with a Preface by Peter Bander. This book is the documented result of six years’ arduous research into an astounding scientific phenomenon, accidentally discovered in Sweden by Friedrich Jürgenson in 1957. In some way, and for reasons not yet fully understood, voices of dead persons linked by affection or interest with the experimenter appear during playbacks of tape recordings on which no such voices were audible at the time of the original recording. These voices always state their names and may be identified as male or female, but all speak very much faster than is normal and employ a curious speech rhythm. In the course of his research, Dr Raudive was joined by eminent scientists, physicists, psychologists, and theologians, many of whom were university professors. Before undertaking the publication of this English-language edition, the publishers have requested other respected scientists and scholars to verify procedures and findings related in Dr Raudive’s book. The discovery of this phenomenon – later called the Electronic Voice Phenomenon – is a breakthrough of unquestionable importance.


Who better to learn and read about than the man that many credit as being one of the pioneers of EVP research?  While this book is no longer in circulation, you can access a FREE copy here:

This is also a recording of the accompanying vinyl which accompanied the book.

Electronic Contact with the Dead: What do the Voices Tell Us? by Anabela Cardoso

Electronic Contact with the Dead: What do the Voices Tell Us? is the culmination of twenty years of research into Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), by Anabela Cardoso, a career diplomat and the editor of

ITC is the phenomena whereby allegedly deceased communicators relay messages and images to the living via radio equipment, televisions, computers, answerphones and other recording devices.

In this second work the author presents the reader with an abundance of dialogue with those who have gone before us. Subjects discussed include time, space, the nature of life, the group soul, reincarnation, God, life, and much more.

One communicator informs us, “You live in the space of an illusion that we call time”. Another adds, “The object of an earthly life is not just the goodness. The object is to be conscious”.

One small way of becoming more conscious is to read this book!


This book is not necessarily about how to catch an EVP but more delving into the how or why these messages come through.  It is a book to be approached with an open mind and will very much leave you with more questions and answers!

There are a lot of different books available on EVP.  Many of them are based on the author's own experiences and act as more of a presentation of evidence.  There can be a lot of valuable information, however, keep in mind that the books are formed based on their own opinion and experiences. 

I would also add to this list Voices from the Tapes: Recordings from the Other World by Peter Bander as I have found this quite useful in my own research and it is in fact where the term EVP was first referenced!  Of course, you may also want to check out the LLIFS Guide TO EVP Which is a book I wrote covering everything you need to know to get started with EVP Research.  The history, the pioneers, its evolution, experiments, techniques, and of course all the things to be mindful of such as auditory hallucinations.  There are even some worksheets at the back so you can make the guide your very own!  Head to:

Do you have any books that fall under this category you have read that you want to recommend?  Have you read any of these books?  What are your thoughts?

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