Portals & Vortex's

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What is a portal/vortex? How do you find them? Do they even exist? Are they connected to Ley lines? Is there a connection between vortex's and disappearances in national parks?

Have you ever been on an investigation or watched some paranormal reality show and some people make the comment, there is a vortex or a portal in this room. They say it which such confidence as if it was a matter of fact. As I myself am not a psychic, medium or that sensitive, I don’t often sense or see these things, so it is something I have to take their word for. To be perfectly honest, for the longest time I didn’t even really know much about portals or vortexes because it wasn’t relevant to me and the way I do my paranormal research. I decided however to look into this area. Although I cannot see or detect or vortex or portal, I don’t even know if they actually exist, I thought I would research into what they were all about and why so many people feel they are an important connection to paranormal activity.

What is a portal/vortex?

A portal/vortex is considered to be an invisible space almost like a type of wormhole that spirits or beings can travel between our world as we know it through to their dimension, planet or reality – depending on what you believe. In terms of a haunting, a spirit would not have a connection to the portal/vortex itself. If a portal or vortex is said to be at a location, it just means that it has a higher chance of paranormal activity because spirits could in theory come and go as they please.

I do quite a lot of investigating and research at black rock house. Many years ago, they paid a group of psychics to come and do a reading on the house as they wanted some information for a ghost tour they were going to write. One of the people that was present during this session tells us that at the end of the night, the psychics use a large mirror in the dining room to conduct a séance. They use the mirror to open a portal. Apparently, they didn’t close it. This means that in theory, there is now an open portal at black rock House where spirits could come and go as they please. Is this the reason why when we do a lot of communication at the house that the spirits we seem to communicate with have absolutely no connection with the house? Sensitive people or mediums/psychic can apparently see and sense these portals. They can even make their own or open and close them I am told.

How can you detect a portal/vortex

There is no way to prove that a portal/vortex exists. Some people may use EMF meters to see if they get a large spike in a certain area. Quite often instead of thinking that if there was a high emf reading in the same location all the time that it is not interference they take it to mean that there is a portal/vortex there and the high EMF readings indicate that it is open. I personally am sceptical on this explanation, but it is my job to bring you all the different perspectives when looking at a topic.

Other people rely on photographic evidence to ‘prove’ the location of a portal/vortex. Sometimes they feel that orbs gathered around a certain spot could indicate a vortex. If there is a circle shaped mist caught on film that is also often interpreted to be a portal/vortex. Finally, my favourite one is a wormhole like looking rod across the screen is also said to be a portal/vortex (when it is actually a camera strap which has fallen in front of the lens). Photographs are not evidence of anything sadly. It is one of the most unreliable forms of ‘evidence’. Photos can be manipulated but even more so, there are too many natural factures which ‘trick’ your camera and produce effects such as orbs, mists and rods. These are not paranormal. They are a result of things like lens flare, reflections, shadows and reactions to a flash. A photo is not an indication of a portal/vortex.

Other people feel that if a house or property continues to be haunted regardless of who lives there and how many times it has been cleared or cleansed, that it must have a portal/vortex somewhere that needs to be closed. As I no longer do private house investigations, it is difficult for me to comment on that one, but would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Is there are connection with ley lines?

Some people believe that there is a connection between ley lines and portals/vortex’s. A ley line is said to be an alignment of land forms usually of places that have ancient spiritual significance – connecting them. It is thought to be a line of energy that often flows right underneath these locations and joins them to each other. At the points where these lines ‘meet’ the energy is thought to be at it’s strongest and that is where a vortex will form, feeding off the surrounding energy. If you think of whirlpool in water. The more the water swirls around, it pulls more and more into it. A vortex can be explained to work in the same way. There is actually a lot of spiritual significance to the shape of a spiral and the term spiral out and spiral in, but that is for another time. Quite often investigators like to go one step further when investigating a location to determine if a location is sitting on or near a ley line. They believe that natural energy from the ley line could potentially 'feed' paranormal activity.

People disappearing in National Parks

I have recently be researching some interesting theories regarding portals in large national parks in the US. A lot of people go missing in these large national parks all the time. They are often found hours or days later, confused, disorientated, sometimes without shoes and no recollection of time being passed. They are often found far from where they disappeared with absolutely no knowledge of how they got there and in many cases, they are missing their shoes. Quite a lot of these disappearances are apparently not publicised because they are not sure of the circumstances. The rangers can’t seem to explain why this happens. It is not to say that every disappearance is treated this way. It is actually something that happens rarely, but it happens in places where ley lines and supposed vortex are said to be. The theory is that a person maybe unknowingly wondering into this invisible portal. Where do they go? Why don’t they remember where they were? Why aren’t they wearing shoes? It is interesting, and it is not something I am saying actually happens, but it has been quite interesting reading all of these accounts. If it is something you want to look into further, I suggest reading the book ‘Missing 411’ by David Paulides. It is worth noting that Analysts have reviewed these cases and concluded that the data presented does not suggest anything mysterious with the mentioned disappearances.

I guess when looking at the ‘big picture’ if we think that a portal/vortex exists in a person’s home for example, it is not unthinkable that one could also exist in a national park. I have a lot of questions of course about portals and vortex's in general. If a portal is considered to be open, is it a one way door? Can only spirits use it? Why can’t I see them? Where do they lead? How do people ‘know’ where they are? How do they know if it's spirits using them? Do they REALLY increase paranormal activity? Do they even exist? This is really an area I don’t know a lot about from a spiritual perspective so I would love to hear from you guys. Your theories, experiences and thoughts. Do you think portals/vortex’s exists and what exactly are they?

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  • Sherri Marshall 5 years ago

    I think orbs are in my house

  • Sherri Marshall 5 years ago

    I think orbs are in my house

  • Yvonne Baker 5 years ago

    I have a vortex or portal in my apartment I need help to close people wanna say it's dust this so r no dust it's even outside the apartment it looks like a wind and snow of orbs they stop they move in sync in the direction up down left right they stop than go dust deos not do this I keep trying to get help NOINE understands it so they don't believe I me and those who believe do t know how to help me close this stuff

  • Emilio 5 years ago

    From my personal research, I believe potals/vortexes are actually different dimensions. It falls in the same physical dynamics as that of black holes and wormholes. It has been recently proven how 2 different physical forces can assimilate into each other and that's the basic idea in AC electricity where u have a negative current that COUNTERBALANCES the + one, and w/o that - current u would have electrical overcharge fires. I've also pondered various of the alien abduction possibilities, but I think the dimension explanation is more likely. As far as spirits and ethereal type explanations I'm not very much into that although I keep an open mind. I DO find it interesting how in Olde German they have that word, "Doppelgänger" which is an odd word that refers to someone's other opposite equivalent in other dimension. This has its roots in the Gothic germanic pagan beliefs when people had some beliefs about that. Am not really sure what to think about the "ley line" idea since there are many of these incidents that are not on any type of ley lines. There was an incident I saw about on a YouTube channel that described this disappearance of this girl that happened in 1915, on the island of Tenerife(1 of the Canary Isds.). This small girl of around 9yrs. old decided to go to the beach since it's sunny everyday there and as she made her way towards the beach, her neighbors waved at her. After it started getting dark, she hadn't come back and the people of the island started an extensive search that yielded no results of her or her clothes. People had given up on her been found and had taken for dead...when all of a sudden she
    REAPPEARED 50 YEARS LATER!???? She was still the SAME age she was when she disappeared and was wearing the same clothes she disappeared in. Her schoolchums and kids she played with were grown up, yet she was still a girl. I think this has to do with dimensions we don't understand but that obviously have something to do w/time[in the biological and physical sense not in the political/religious sense].

  • Joel Prince 5 years ago

    These exist , we had one in our house open and my teacher closed it for me. I'm not that experienced with that kind of thing but I do know ppl open them unintentionally especially astral travelling. You will have many spirits visiting if one open in your house lol .

  • Chery 5 years ago

    I have a fetish with mirrors. Since my kids moved out, I’ve decorated more rooms with mirrors. I have since had more spirit activity from what appears to be different entities. After reading this, I’m questioning whether the mirrors are the reason. (More mirrors, please!) I have approximately 20 mirrors in my home (currently remodeling my home so some mirrors are packed away but the activity continues).

    I am sensitive and have been all my life.

    • Alexe 5 years ago

      From what I’ve learned, it is more than just having mirrors. It’s when mirrors face each other and you can see yourself endlessly that really creates this vortex.