Ryan Buell - The lies and deception of a celebrity ghost hunter

Ryan Buell from Paranormal State has been arrested and fans are angry and upset. Here is all you need to know as the story unfolds.
Sarah Chumacero
22nd September 2016.
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If you read one of my first posts, you will see that I too was a fan of Paranormal State. I watched every episode religiously long before I became a paranormal investigator. Most investigators know who Ryan Buell is. Sadly, most also were aware of the events that have led to his arrest. If you are living on a non paranormal planet, you may be surprised to hear that Ryan Buell former host of Paranormal State and celebrity ghost hunter has been arrested and is up on 2 felony charges relating to theft and stolen property. How did it get to this point and why is everyone so hurt and angry?


Long after paranormal state had finished, Ryan would make appearances at special events and conferences. He would take money for the tickets (and quite a lot of money). Initially a bunch of events were cancelled because Ryan claimed he was battling pancreatic cancer. We all believed that he perhaps had this horrible disease. Pancreatic cancer is one of the cancers that you do not want because the chances of survival are not good. I personally felt horrible for him and really sympathised. For 2 weeks of my life I didn’t know if perhaps I had pancreatic cancer or if i had a benign cyst. Luckily for me mine was the latter, but to me I thought, Ryan was not so lucky. As someone I had looked up to in the paranormal world I felt sorry for him he was a form of celebrity to me and honestly if he had come out to Australia, I would have forked over my cash to meet him. A year later he claimed he was in remission and started selling tickets to events again. The problem was he was either a no show at the events or they were cancelled and again no refund was given. It had been a well known theory in the paranormal world that his closest associates suspected that he did not have cancer and at the same time distanced themselves from him and his events. I have even heard first hand from one of his old associates that he believed that Ryan did not have cancer and was battling some of his own ‘demon’s (I’ll get to this later).

Fast forward to today and he has been arrested. What made this story a lot more interesting was the fact his own mother Shelly Bonita Lundberg made a desperate plea to his fans on numerous Facebook pages linked to Ryan and the PRS:

“OPEN LETTER TO FANS – My plea to you is long overdue. Please forgive me as first and foremost, I am a MOTHER. We all want the best for our children and can be guilty of closing our eyes to the obvious. But we do it with the best of intentions and have a hard time believing what our children can be capable of. I too, took the road of non-belief for years. I am pleading with you in a last-ditch effort to help my son. With this being a public forum, you must understand that there is only so much I can put in writing. But I will say this – the ONLY people who TRULY know his situation and whom you should trust in this is his blood FAMILY. Not those who are in cahoots, nor profess their PRS love, or “business” partners. We want nothing from Ryan except HIM – to enjoy and love as our son, brother, nephew, cousin, grandson, etc. So, as his Mother, I beg you all – if you are a TRUE fan – PLEASE stop enabling his situation by sending money, buying tickets to events that may never occur, buying merchandise/phone calls you may never get, paying money to watch him on Twitch, and giving him offers of shelter. If you TRULY want to help him…you TRULY have his BEST interests at heart, THIS is how you help. I know that some of you will choose to not believe me, believe that I’m doing this to hurt Ryan, or bash me but as a Mother, I am pleading with you out of LOVE for my son and I’m frightened by what his situation has become. We, as his family truly want our son, brother, nephew, cousin, grandson,etc to get well and come back to us – we haven’t had the TRUE Ryan in years. So PLEASE….help him get well with prayers…..words of encouragement….and pleas for him to get the help he needs. Nothing more. Working together, maybe we can get this to work. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and GOD BLESS YOU – THE PRS CREW KEEPS DELETING THIS POST – THIS IS HOW MUCH THEY TRULY “CARE” ABOUT RYAN – ALL ABOUT $$$ TO THEM. PLEASE READ AND PASS ALONG TO EVERYONE IN THE PARANORMAL COMMUNITY!!”

The post has been deleted from several pages connected to Ryan. It is reported that one fan asked in response to this post if Ryan really had cancer. It is reported that his mother’s response was that he was sick but did not have cancer. Again this is a report as the posts keep getting deleted I cannot confirm this however if the posts keep getting deleted, there is obviously something that is being kept under wraps. For 2 hours this morning a post was put up on Ryan’s Facebook page which was promptly deleted. We do know however that thanks to the internet, people screen shot everything.

Statement from Ryan's Facebook page which was mysteriously deleted. *screenshot not taken by me

Statement from Ryan’s Facebook page which was mysteriously deleted.
*screenshot not taken by me

Some of his famous ‘friends’ have come out and issued statements on their various twitter and Facebook accounts which all seem to line up and match the rumours that I have been hearing for the last 2 years.

Chip Coffey released a statement on his public Facebook page :

“Earlier today, I learned that Ryan Daniel Buell, former television personality on TV’s Paranormal State, had been arrested. The news was shocking, but I was NOT surprised. After appearing on 31 episodes of Paranormal State, I left the show after enduring several ugly interactions with Ryan. Almost three years later, during which time there was no communication between Ryan and me, he called me and delivered what I believed to be a sincere apology, so I forgave him. A few months later, I attended an anniversary celebration in honor of PRS (Ryan’s organization) that was held in Raleigh, NC. Shortly thereafter, Ryan and I did an event together, also in Raleigh. Things seemed to be getting back on track between us, so when Ryan and Sergey asked me to do a six city tour, appearing onstage together with Ryan, I agreed to do so. Sadly, less than a week before the tour was scheduled to begin, I discovered that payments had not been made to the venues where we were slated to appear, nor had airline tickets, hotel accommodations, car rentals, etc. been booked…despite the fact that over $80,000.00 had been collected for ticket sales. At that point, I issued a public statement, separating myself from Ryan, Sergey and the tour. I did not receive any money — not one penny! — from the sale of tickets. Many people have posted on social media about having paid money to Ryan, Sergey and PRS, but they never received what they paid for — event tickets, classes, merchandise, etc. Despite having requested / demanded refunds, numerous people still have not gotten their money back. Ryan has been arrested on two felony charges and one misdemeanor. It is pretty evident from his mug shot that he is not the same Ryan that I knew from our times together on Paranormal State. I have been asked many times about Ryan’s health. I can only say that I have heard that he was / is suffering from pancreatic cancer, but numerous sources have also said that, in fact, he is not. Obviously, Ryan needs help, but I am doubtful that he will get the help he needs because he continues to have others in his life who are willing to support, enable and facilitate his negative behavior.

I will pray for Ryan and his family. And like everyone else, I will wait to see how this whole messy drama continues to unfold…”

Michelle Belanger did a series of tweets:



Chad Calek also issued a statement of his Facebook page:


Hello, everyone.

Out of respect for Ryan Buell’s Mother, I’m going to keep this very short.

Although I’ve not seen Ryan for over three years, I have received one text from him this year, as well as one text from him last year, in which on both occasions, Ryan just expressed that he missed me and hoped all was well with myself and my loved ones. I only offer this up because I truly do not have any information about his current situation beyond what has been written in the article about his recent arrest. In regard to Ryan’s “condition”, after reading Ryan’s Mother’s plea to the public, I would be truly surprised if anyone at this point is unaware that Ryan is suffering from addiction. This isn’t anything new. This has been going on, at different levels, with different substances, for as long as I’ve known Ryan. Like many of you, over time I had also come to suspect that Ryan was not suffering from pancreatic cancer for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, it appears as though my suspicions were correct, as I just learned from reading his mother’s message that Ryan does not have cancer, as his mother states this as a fact in her public plea for help. I don’t know if this means that he never had cancer, or that he is now currently cancer-free. But if Ryan did in fact lie about having cancer, that would be a truly deplorable act, as my wife and I both personally shed tears in Ryan’s presence when he told us both of his diagnosis, as my wife also lost her mother a few years ago to lung cancer. Needless to say, I would not wish that hell on anyone. I can also say that if Ryan has beat his pancreatic cancer, he certainly never made me or the public aware of this. And last, but not least, I would like to commend the strength of Ryan’s Mother, as I can’t imagine what she must be going through. While nobody but Ryan Buell is responsible for Ryan Buell’s actions, he’s just someone that has lost his way. Let’s be clear about that. He’s not Captain America. He’s not some demon-slaying ghost hunter on a mission from God. He’s a human being. He’s a brother. He’s a son to a mother and a father. He’s done wrong to many people in which only he can make things right with everyone that he has hurt, which includes his immediate family, his friends and his fans. But this is obviously going to take some time. And as someone who has overcome my own past battles with addiction, I can tell you that all things are possible through love and faith. Right now, I’m praying that Ry’s mother will get her son back, so that he may regain his health and have the chance to make amends. In closing, I think it’s very important to understand that Ryan’s Mother is correct. Only his family knows the full extent of what is going on, as they are on the “inside”. With that being the case, I’ve stated what I know and how I feel. From here, I consider this to be a family matter, in which I will continue to pray that Ryan will someday return home to his loving mother in good health, ready to accept what needs to be accomplished in order give his entire family the chance to be “whole” once again.

– Chad Calek”

I have stalked the pages of a lot of his other associates who have so far stayed silent on the issue. I can only imagine how they feel. I personally was tricked many years ago by a co worker who claimed to have cancer. We did fundraisers for her at work, shed tears for her, gave her sympathy and constant thoughts. Guys from our warehouse shaved their heads in support of her upcoming treatment and we all dug deep and donated money we did not have to her only to find out that she in fact did not have cancer and used the money to travel overseas for 6 weeks when we thought we she was off having chemo. I cannot tell you how sick and disgusted you feel knowing how you have been betrayed. It also makes you wary of others which is unfair. Maybe people who really do need and deserve the support may not get it because someone has been done wrong by in the past. Unfortunately in this world there are people that are out there to take advantage. The paranormal field is no different. There are people in the field who are doing the wrong thing and what they are doing is not illegal but in a lot of cases immoral. I hope that this may be a wake up call to some of these individuals who take advantage of those in need and see this as an opportunity to change their ways.

The last thing i want to address is the fact that of course a lot of his fans now are coming out to say that he is possessed by a demon and that is why he is doing this. Not just any demon, the demon that he has claimed has been after him since he was a boy and was much of the storyline during paranormal state. The only demon that Ryan is battling is his inner demons. He is sick. He may not have cancer but he is mentally ill and he is clearly battling addiction. Please I beg anyone who is a fan please do not give any traction to this nonsense because if you do, you clearly have no idea about the paranormal. He is not possessed by a demon and the demon is not making him do these despicable things. Whenever a paranormal celebrity dies or gets into trouble people jump on the possessed bandwagon. If you believe this then Ryan is a much better actor that he is an investigator (let’s not forget he was an entertainer).

Lets hope he gets the help he needs and that no one else is hurt in this saga.

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