Using white noise in paranormal investigations

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What is white noise and what can it be used for? What do people use it for in paranormal investigations? Here is all you need to know about white noise.

What is white noise?

White noise is that annoying, static, fuzzy sound that you hear when your radio or tv has no signal. The one that when too loud makes you cover your ears as it is almost unbearable. It is defined as a combination of all the different frequencies that a human ear can hear. We know that the human ear can hear between 20 and 20000HZ. This means that you are hearing approximately 20000 tones of sound at the same time. The easiest way to understand it is to think of a quiet little café. You go to have a coffee and you while you are sitting and enjoying your coffee, you can hear all the different conversations. You can differentiate the different voices. Now imagine you are in a busy shopping centre in the food court at lunch time on the school holidays. Everyone is talking at the same time and you cannot hear the individual voices. It is just a mess of loud chatter. White noise works in the same way. You are hearing so many different tones at the same time that it all just blends into the fuzzy static sound that you recognise as white noise.

What is white noise used for?

As a mother, for some odd reason, white noise can be a life saver when it comes to babies. Some babies will wake up with the tiniest of noises. The white noise can help drown out these sounds and keep them sleeping for a longer period of time. I always wondered why I could vacuum right next to my sleeping children and it would have no effect, yet one little floorboard creek and they were awake! The white noise also helps them to relax as it supposedly reminds them of the womb. It is thought that the sound of the blood rushing all around them is similar to that of white noise.

Some people also use white noise generators to help them sleep. I know I myself cannot fall asleep if there is any sort of noise happening around me. I usually drown it out with music. A more productive thing for me to do would be to use white noise. The theory behind it is that your brain loves to be stimulated and will also seek to be active which is why the tiniest of noises may bother you when you are trying to sleep. If you have this constant static noise playing, your brain will be happy and won’t get overexcited over a tiny sound allowing you to fall asleep with ease.

Do you ever go to sleep and have a ringing in your ear? Some people have this permanently and it is called tinnitus. Playing the white noise can mask the constant ringing sound and allow some relief. It is also used for relaxation, meditation, while writers and artists use it to focus and some people just like the sound.

How is white noise used in paranormal investigations?

There are a few different theories in the paranormal with white noise. A lot these revolve around EVP and ITC.

Some people will play white noise during an EVP session as they believe it helps the spirits to communicate. As white noise is made up of tonnes of frequencies, they believe that the spirits can manipulate and use this to talk to us. The downfall of course to this is trying to eliminate the sound of the white noise when reviewing your EVPS. Some people believe that the EVP’s themselves are embedded in the white noise and with enough enhancement, you can find an EVP. I personally don’t work this way because I don’t believe we should really be editing our sound files – especially to the point that you would have to do extensive work like removing the background. It is likely by this point you would just be getting random sounds and audio pareidolia would make it seem like you have a voice. Simply put, if you are going to get an EVP, you would only want to focus on a class A (one that does not require editing).

Other people use white noise to help them listen for EVP’s when reviewing evidence. By playing white noise while you are reviewing your EVP, you can cut out all background interference and it may help you to focus better.

White Noise is also used for the Ganzfield experiment. This is a sensory deprivation technique. By essentially drowning out all background sound with white noise and covering the eyes, some believe that it can open you up to having a paranormal experience. Other people use this as a bit of a brain hack, but we will talk about that experiment at a later time.

White noise is also used in ITC communications. Some people like to use white noise on a screen with the assumption that spirits can visually manifest through the white noise. It is a similar technique to Video ITC where you use a continuous loop on your screen, but in this case you would use white noise. Have you seen the movie white noise with Michael Keaton? Think this.

The most common way however the white noise is used in the field today, is through the spirit box. The spirit box is essentially a broken radio that scans through the radio stations at a fast rate. You only get a small snippet of a word if any at all. You are left with a rather loud and annoying form of white noise. Again the theory here is that spirits can use this to come through. Some people like them and some people it is a personal choice. I am not a big fan of ghost boxes, but I will admit I have heard some questionable things come through before.

So that is a basic overview of white noise and how you can use it in your investigations. Do you use white noise? How do you use it? Does it work? Tell me below!

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