Various media and conferences Sarah has appeared in on behalf of Living Life In Full Spectrum - Paranormal Blog

Sarah is happy to do media interviews, paranormal presentations and appear as a guest investigator at your events. To discuss please contact: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Worlds Beyond TV

Sarah is a researcher, collaborator and presenter for Worlds Beyond TV - a project in conjuction with Bill, Mandy and Glenn from Australian Paranormal Society.

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Speaker- Worlds Beyond Forum at Earthcore

Sarah was a presenter at the 2017 World's Beyond Forum at Earthcore. This was a forum run over the course of 2 days where presenters from all over Australia are asked to present on different topics within the paranormal field. Sarah delivered a talk: Hollywood VS the Paranormal, the real cases behind the movies. The talk explored 3 popular paranormal movies and discussed the real life circumstances behind some of the most famous cases in the world.

Guest - Haunting the Afterlife (Ghost Call Radio)

Sarah was a guest on Haunting the Afterlife hosted by thhe Mystery Gang to talk about her blog Living Life In Full Spectrum, Black Rock House and Worlds Beyond TV plus all things paranormal.

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Guest - Unexplained Paranormal Radio (Ghost Call Radio)

Sarah was a guest on the show to talk to John, Dave and Kim about UFO phenomena and her research into RH Negative blood types.

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Guest - Haunted History Parasearch Radio

Sarah was interviewed by Penny of Haunted History on Parasearch Radio in the UK to discuss stories about Black Rock House.

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Guest - Paranormal Party Podcast

Sarah was interviewed by Renata and Anne of the Paranormal Party Podcast about Living Life In Full Spectrum.

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Ghosts of Oz

Sarah was interviewed on the Ghosts of Oz podcast by Alex to talk about Living Life in Full Spectrum – what it is about and how it all got started.

Sarah was also interview by Amanda as part of their celebrating Australia Paranormal Media celebrations in November 2016.

Leader Community News

Sarah was interviewed by the Leader newspaper to promote the launch of Black Rock House Paranormal Tours.

Haunted Informer Productions

Sarah has appeared in various episodes of Australian Paranormal Chronicles as well as Black Rock House Tour Videos and VLOGS.

Guest - The Spirit Dimension - Parasearch Radio

Sarah appeared on Parasearch radio show The Spirit Dimension in the UK to discuss Black Rock House, the blog and all things paranormal.

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Feedspot Top 50 Paranormal Blogs

Living Life in Full Spectrum as been awarded one of the top 50 Paranormal Blogs worldwide

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