Haunted Magazine Issue 35 - The Feminine Macabre

5th September 2022. Reading Time: 2 minutes General. 564 page views. 0 comments.

All the info about the latest issue of Haunted Magazine!

Haunted Magazine is slowly dropping all over the World over the next week or two and is available for delivery Worldwide.  In fact it is available NOW for delivery in Australia!  This is the biggest issue EVER of Haunted Magazine!  It is a new format they are trialling and is virtually like several issues in one!  There is something a bit special about this one all down to the small details like the new spine which makes the magazine feel more like a luxurious book!

Here are some of the features contributed by writers all over the world!

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Australia's Spookiest Spectres

Of course, I will start with my contribution!  The creators at Haunted asked me to write a top 10 most haunted types of list.  It is not what I usually do, so I wanted to do something a little different than the usual lists you see going around.  Instead of focusing on a haunted location, I wanted to focus on a famous spectre.  I also tried to include figures that aren't often talked about and that you don't usually see in these lists.  We have all seen the usual top haunted locations and we know and love them, so I wanted to showcase the ones you may not have heard of, while also honouring some of the favs!  I hope you enjoy my article Australia's Spookiest Spectres!

The Feminine Macabre

Of course, I have to mention the main feature and special edition to this issue!  Amanda R. Woomer creator of Spook Eats, is the author of the popular series she has curated called The Feminine Macabre

In a world where the paranormal seems to be dominated by men, get to know thirty women in the paranormal field in THE FEMININE MACABRE. From folklore and death culture to tarot, dark history, ghosts, and more, these women share their experiences, research, and theories but with a feminine twist.


With the release of volume 4 imminent, she has included a mini volume of the Feminme Macabre just for Haunted Magazine readers!

Here are some of the other features


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