Book Reviews
  • "A very useful handbook for the non-technical reader and budding paranormal investigator."
    Vladimir Dubaj - Member of the Society for Psychical Research - Read Full Review
  • "An incredible book for those wanting to learn more in the paranormal field."
    Amanda APS - An incredible book for those wanting to learn more in the paranormal field - Read Full Review
  • "Sarah brings to light an all round knowledge of the field and her research in the subject is very clear and concise."
    Troy M
  • "Outstanding read"
    Amazon Customer (UK) - Shaun N.E. England
  • "A must read for all paranormal investigators. If you are into the paranormal or maybe you are on the fence about believing..."
    Wes Coleman - Read Full Review
  • "I read this book from cover to cover in one sitting - something I don't normally do. I couldn't put it down."
    Amazon Customer (verified) - Loved it. A refreshing book and must read for anyone in the paranormal - Read Full Review
  • "Absolutely loving this book.. Opens up the mind and makes you rethink all that you originally thought. Beautifully written."
    Toni A (Verified Amazon Customer)
  • "Informative, insightful…"
    JoeFan (Verified Amazon Customer) - JoeFan - Read Full Review
  • "Now a staple part of our staff training for paranormal events."
    Amazon Customer
  • "As someone who loves all things paranormal & investigates various locations, I highly recommend this book."
    Julie Wraight - Read Full Review
  • "I have long been fascinated with all things paranormal and have participated in many investigations so was really interested to read this book in…"
    Natalie Vujovich - Read Full Review
  • "Wow! I just read an amazing book called “Supernatural Synchronicity” by Ashley Knibb and Sarah Chumacero . Extremely entertaining and enlightening!"
    Haunted Theories - Haunted Theories - Read Full Review
  • "Thank you Sarah for an interesting and informative read, I also have a few different things to try out in the field now ????"
    Belinda Funnell
  • "A landmark reference book that every paranormal investigator should own."
    James Padmore - Paranormal Investigator - Read Full Review
  • "Great read,. Written in a way that is easy to follow, plain english not over the top terms."
    Bill Cowled - Read Full Review