Natalie Vujovich


I have long been fascinated with all things paranormal and have participated in many investigations so was really interested to read this book in case there were things I had missed, or other ways that I could look at the things I had already witnessed / experienced. Sarah writes as if she is having a friendly conversation with you, so it was a very easy read with lots of great information. The examples that she gives throughout the book are a great way of giving you another point of view and you may not agree with all that she says, but you have to agree that it gives you pause for thought.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about the paranormal field or has an interest in conducting their own investigations as you need to be aware of the way that your own faith, beliefs, upbringing and other individual things can affect the way you look at what you are experiencing, and Sarah clearly explains all of this. A great read all around.