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I challenge AI to discuss the benefits and downfalls of using AI for paranormal research, more specifically in data collection and analysis.

AI - Artificial Intelligence is taking the World by storm, whether we are on board with it or not.  Schools are now researching ways in which it can detect if students are writing their own assignments.  Businesses are using it to assist with proposals and analysing data.  People use it for anything from coding to graphic design to finding many benefits and ways to improve their productivity without necessarily compromising their end product.  Much discussion is taking place within the paranormal community as to whether it will be a help or hindrance to paranormal research.  So I thought I would put AI to the test in a series where I will be writing my thoughts and asking AI to contribute as well.  I am essentially having a discussion with a computer.  I will be open and honest sharing what parts are written by AI and what is written by me.  I don't feel threatened by AI at all. I feel we will have no choice but to accept it, so we might as well jump on the moving train now rather than being run over it out of the blue.  That means we need to have discussions and ask hard and sometimes uncomfortable conversations.  All I ask is during these discussions we remain civil, open-minded and respectful as not everyone is going to agree on the points discussed.  

AI Brief: Write me 800 words on how AI can help paranormal research while also talking about some of the downfalls.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various fields of study, and paranormal research is no exception. As paranormal phenomena do not have any scientific explanation, it requires intensive research and investigation to uncover the truth behind them. In recent years, researchers have started to use AI to explore and analyze the paranormal, which has proven to be a valuable tool. In this article, we will discuss how AI can help paranormal research and some of its downfalls.

One of the primary ways in which AI can help paranormal research is by analyzing large amounts of data. AI algorithms can be used to analyze vast amounts of data gathered from various sources, such as audio and video recordings, photos, and eyewitness accounts. AI algorithms can sift through this data to find patterns and anomalies that would be impossible for humans to detect.

AI can also help paranormal researchers by providing automated tools for data collection. For example, researchers can use AI-powered sensors to detect paranormal activity and record it in real-time. These sensors can be programmed to capture specific types of activity, such as changes in temperature, electromagnetic fields, or audio frequencies, and can provide a more accurate record of paranormal activity than human observers.

Another way in which AI can help paranormal research is by providing predictive analysis. By analyzing patterns in paranormal activity, AI algorithms can predict when and where paranormal events are likely to occur. This can help researchers to focus their investigations on specific locations and times, increasing the chances of capturing evidence of paranormal activity.

However, there are some downfalls to using AI in paranormal research. One of the primary concerns is the potential for bias in AI algorithms. AI algorithms are only as good as the data they are trained on, and if the data contains biases or inaccuracies, the algorithm will reflect those biases. This can lead to incorrect conclusions and misleading results.

Another potential downfall of using AI in paranormal research is the risk of false positives. AI algorithms may detect anomalies or patterns in data that are not related to paranormal activity, leading researchers to make incorrect conclusions. It is essential to validate the results of AI analysis with other forms of evidence and to use multiple AI algorithms to minimize the risk of false positives.

Additionally, some researchers argue that relying too heavily on AI in paranormal research can undermine the role of human intuition and creativity. Paranormal phenomena are often unpredictable and may require a nuanced approach that cannot be captured by AI algorithms. It is important to strike a balance between using AI tools to enhance paranormal research and relying on human expertise and intuition to interpret the results.

In conclusion, AI has the potential to revolutionize paranormal research by providing automated tools for data collection, predictive analysis, and data analysis. However, researchers must be cautious of the potential for bias and false positives in AI algorithms and strike a balance between using AI tools and relying on human expertise and intuition. As technology continues to advance, it is likely that AI will play an increasingly important role in paranormal research, but it will always be essential to validate AI results with other forms of evidence and to remain open-minded to new approaches and ideas.

The above text has been generated by ChatGPT on Saturday March 11th 2023 at 7:15pm AEDST

On the 31st of December 2022, I published an article called: Predictions and hopes for the paranormal field in 2023. It is an article I write at the beginning of each year with my own thoughts and commentary on things I think the paranormal field will be doing in the months to come.  I posted the following section on AI as I felt with the traction it was gaining that it would play a significant part in the future of the paranormal field (again whether we are on board on not).  I wrote the following:

AI takes on the paranormal field

Artificial intelligence is huge.  From people using it to create avatars to using AI to help write books from scratch, it is going to become a major player in the World in general, and it won't be long before it finds its place in the paranormal field.  

Be wary of content creators using AI to write content.  The AI works by reading different things on the internet as its source and then compiling the information to write a piece.  While it is no different to how a lot of us writers work, the human element is a key component that is missing.  How do you decipher what is genuine and what is satire?  How do you fact check?  I would argue when it comes to anything paranormal, it is us the human element that is the key feature.  Once you take that away, you have to wonder is there anything paranormal to experience if there is no one there to experience it?  I am going to do a little experiment with AI writing a blog which I will publish later.  

In terms of what I see people using it for in the paranormal field besides creating content, I think people will be using AI filters in a similar way Lidar or Kinect are used to map figures.  It wouldn't surprise me if it is already used to some extent in some of the apps being used by investigators.  Much in the way people used to rely on snapchat filters to 'find the ghost in their room', the same is already happening with AI filters on tik tok and will no doubt expand to apps being created specifically for this purpose (if it hasn't already).  The concept of using AI in filters etc reminds me of pareidolia.  Our brains fill in the gaps whereas in this case, it is the AI filling in the gaps and what you are left with is the AI mistaking a chair leg for a person etc.  So while there is a lot to be wary of, is there a realm within the paranormal that AI could be useful? 

AI could potentially be used for a more personalised investigation experience as an example.  At the top of my head, I look at something like ChatGPT for example.  It is an AI that coders are using to help with their coding.  It learns algorithms to respond to user requests in a very tailored and personalised way.  If we were to train AI on a location with as much historical information as possible, could it create more tailor-made questions that can be asked without human bias?  While I talk above about the human element being important, it is the human element that can also work against us.  Is there a place for AI to do some of the paranormal investigating for us to remove some of these biases?  Can AI be used to review the evidence?  Would it interpret it as it is without emotional attachment and bias?  There are some possibilities here that I think should at least be discussed.  One of these questions must also be, just because we can should we?

While it seems AI and I are in agreeance that it can assist with data collection and analysis of our data, the human element is still important.  I suppose here for me the most important part written by AI was the final paragraph: "In conclusion, AI has the potential to revolutionize paranormal research by providing automated tools for data collection, predictive analysis, and data analysis. However, researchers must be cautious of the potential for bias and false positives in AI algorithms and strike a balance between using AI tools and relying on human expertise and intuition. As technology continues to advance, it is likely that AI will play an increasingly important role in paranormal research, but it will always be essential to validate AI results with other forms of evidence and to remain open-minded to new approaches and ideas."

While human bias can work against us, it is human interpretation and even intuition that is needed in order to properly determine what the results are.  Paranormal phenomena are unpredictable and often cannot be replicated which means that it is not something an AI can predict or properly explain. Much like all the fancy paranormal equipment out there it just collects the data but doesn't explain it.  It can tell you if the temperature in a room drops or if there is a reading of EMF in the room by lighting up or making a sound, but it won't be able to tell you if something paranormal is causing it, just that it happened.  You still need human interpretation.  So it seems while AI may be able to advance and assist us in collecting data and performing our research, it still gets us no further in some ways as you still need a human brain to decipher and interpret the results.  In essence, Ai is simply another tool or piece of equipment in the ghost hunter's arsenal.  This is my mind is the very reason why even after centuries of technology advancing we still don't have the answers we need to answer some of the most basic questions surrounding the paranormal.  It all ultimately comes down to us.  

Throughout the year we will be exploring AI more and asking questions and having discussions on this very topic.  It is here that I also want to throw out a caution.  The process of getting AI to write me something took all but 2 minutes.  I think the part that took the most time for me was logging into my account because it uses 2 factor authentication.  ANYONE can log into a site such as ChatGPT or Jasper or one of the many others, give it a topic to write about and copy and paste the results.  As someone who spends a lot of time reading books, researching and writing, this is a huge slap in the face because essentially someone could come along tomorrow, tee up a new article each day and have it all done automatically.  Be wary of where your information is coming from and if it seems too good to be true or it seems like something is missing, ask questions.  It is very easy for someone to talk the talk but make sure they really know what they are talking about!  There is already a lot of information out there on the internet and practices like this only assist in spreading this misinformation further as again it is looking for algorithms and data. It is not using the human method of vetting or validating information.

In the meantime, let me know some topics you want to see discussed between LLIFS and AI for this series - LLIFS VS AI.

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