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There is not one way to investigate.  No one knows as fact that ghosts exists.  Everything we know about the paranormal is based on opinion and theory.  This is why it is important for you to develop your own opinion and your own style of investigating. Learn from your colleagues but let your voice be heard because we can learn from you too!

There is not one way to investigate. No one knows as fact that ghosts exists. Everything we know about the paranormal is based on opinion and theory. This is why it is important for you to develop your own opinion and your own style of investigating, and the only way to do this is to learn from others.

There is a plethora of information out there about how to be a paranormal investigator. What equipment you should be using and what techniques and experiments you should be trying. While this is great advice and a way to get started, it is important to know that you don’t have to do things a certain way. Just because a lot of people like to use K2 meters for example during an investigation, if don’t like them or think they are useless, don’t use them. If you want to purely focus on doing EVP sessions, then that is what you focus on. If you want to spend your time developing new pieces of equipment to test out in the field then do it. You experience as a paranormal investigator is yours and yours only. You are on your own pursuit for answers. Your questions may be different to others, but our goal is one in the same. We want answers. That is why we are here. Learn from your fellow investigators and then establish your own thought process. Do you like a technique they use? Maybe you can add your own twist to it or adapt it. Watch and learn from your collegues. Everyone has an area which they 'specialise' in. For some it is research, some it is equipment and some it is a spirtual approach. None of these are the correct or the wrong way. It is just the way that person does things. You need to step back and ask yourself, what kind of investigator do I want to be? Do I want to focus on the spirtual side, do I want to focus on equipment, do I want to take a sceptical approach? Again none are the right or wrong way, it is what fits you best.

People often talk about paranormal theories as if they are a matter of fact. It is coming from a place where they have developed their own opinions and theories through their research and experience in the field. They don’t of course know it as fact, but it is what they strongly believe and it is a subject they are obviously passionate about, so it comes across with confidence. It is OK to disagree with a thought or theory. If you think or believe something else, that is OK. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion in a respectful matter. You can actually find that you could have a great conversation with someone. Talk about your thoughts and compare experiences. You may start to consider points that you hadn’t thought of before or you may perhaps open the eyes of a fellow investigator to a different way of looking at things. This is why it is important that your voice is heard. You may think to yourself that you perhaps are not experienced as others in the field or maybe because you are not part of a popular group that your voice does not matter. This is not the case. Every single voice within the paranormal matters. Every single opinion matters and it is important that you express it. Engage in these conversations. Don’t be afraid. If we all thought the same way or had the same opinions, the field would go nowhere. I know myself that many conversations I have had with many investigators has sparked an idea. A new perspective of looking at things or some new ideas to try.

It is at this point I want to credit and point you toward a good friend of mine Ashley Knibb (please check out his blog). Since speaking with him, he has really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and researching. As a fellow blogger, I look to him for advice and direction and that all important peer review that we speak of. If it weren’t for social media, I would never have had the opportunity to talk with such an individual. This is what brings me to my next point. Put yourself out there! I had this discussion with a friend last night (you know who you are) about the importance of putting yourself out there. Not only to connect with others to give you an opportunity to have these amazing conversations, but to bring your knowledge and experience to a platform for all to listen to and learn from. There are people out there that have been in the field for many years. They have a lot of research and experience under their belt. They aren’t interested in making waves on social media, they just want to do their research – under the radar so to speak. This is admirable, and I really respect this, but I also feel it is important for these people to be not only acknowledged for their work, but for their work to be seen. They have so much knowledge that we can all learn from. Just even reaching out and having a conversation with these people really can open your eyes. One researcher I have a massive amount of respect for is Amanda Tabone from Australian Paranormal Society. As a blogger I am often looking for different topics to tackle and research and she has presented me with some amazing ideas and really made me think about certain topics. At times it has given me a renewed love for the paranormal itself. Especially when I lose hours researching a topic we have spoken about. We don’t necessarily agree on everything in regards to the paranormal, but she makes me think about her point of view and it's possibilities, and that is the important part.

We are all individuals with a lot to offer the paranormal field. There is a lot of petty stuff that we have to deal with and sadly that is just a reality. It is not just prevalent in the paranormal field it is in any field. This is why it is important for us to work with others and collaborate. You don’t have to have the same point of views but it can make you think and turn you into a better investigator. Become your own investigator with your own style. Research the things that fascinate you. Use the equipment that you want to use. Believe what you want to believe. This is your journey and while you share it with many others, it ultimately belongs to you and only you so make it count!

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