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Encounters with an Apparition Part 6

11th April 2022 Reading Time: 5 minutes General, Encounters with an apparition. 914 views. 3

These are real stories submitted by readers of LLIFS about their encounter with an apparition

Ghosts of the World: Draugr

9th April 2022 Reading Time: 6 minutes Ghosts Of The World, General. 1320 views. 1

Many cultures from different countries have different myths/folklores or spirits to fear or worship. This short series looks at the different ghosts from around the World! Today's ghost is the Draugr

What the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes

7th April 2022 Reading Time: 12 minutes General, Paranormal Theories. 1342 views. 0

Is it all just an illusion? What is the connection between 'magic' and the paranormal?

Interview with Strange Encounters Down Under

27th March 2022 Reading Time: 1 minutes General, Interviews. 772 views. 0

I recently decided not to hide anymore and to start doing interviews again!  My first choice was of course having a chat with the Strange Encounters Downunder crew who I originally spoke to around 2 years ago. Check it out!

What paranormal investigators are really like

20th March 2022 Reading Time: 7 minutes General. 3015 views. 0

Paranormal investigators aren't what they seem on tv. Here is what investigators are REALLY like!

Psychic Creatures

15th March 2022 Reading Time: 8 minutes General, Paranormal Theories. 1042 views. 0

Could Cryptids be a form of psychic projection?

Expressions of the paranormal kind

12th March 2022 Reading Time: 6 minutes General. 873 views. 1

Paranormal investigation and the blogs and Youtube channels that follow are not just a search for answers within the paranormal field, but self-expression that allows a person to deal with their very own feelings and beliefs in a place they finally feel like they belong.

Zener Card Online Test

10th March 2022 Reading Time: 3 minutes General. 1033 views. 0

Learn about Zener cards and do your very own test! You can complete the test anytime from anywhere and it is completely free! You can play for a bit of fun or complete a traditional 25 card spread!

A sensed presence

9th March 2022 Reading Time: 15 minutes General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 1366 views. 1

Our brain is programmed to protect us. Physically, it puts us into fight or flight mode to avoid potentially getting hurt. Psychologically, it can make us think we are having a paranormal experience to give us comfort or help us through a difficult situation. It is called a sensed presence.

Ladies of Paranormal Past: Eleanor Sidgwick

2nd March 2022 Reading Time: 2 minutes General, Ladies of paranormal past. 819 views. 0

Eleanor Sidgwick is what would be considered one of the founding 'mothers' of paranormal research being a pivotal member in the era of psychical research.