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Slender Man, a blurred line between fiction and reality
17th April 2018 Sarah Chumacero 1748 views. 0 comments. Famous Paranormal Cases, General.
With a movie coming out later this year and an attempted murder, it would be easy for impressionable youth to believe he is real .... much like a modern day boogie man. He was however actually created in 2009 as part of a photoshop challenge. Here is what you need to know about Slender Man.

Should we be avoiding the energy drinks and surgary treats when we go investigating?
15th April 2018 Sarah Chumacero 666 views. 0 comments. Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General, Paranormal Investigation.
We all love to take energy and surgary drinks and bags of chocolate and lollies with us when we go investigating. It seems like a good idea, but is this having an effect on our bodies that we are possibly misinterpreting as paranormal?

The mystery of the J Ward painting
14th April 2018 Sarah Chumacero 746 views. 0 comments. General, Famous Paranormal Cases, Paranormal Locations.
There are two stories as to who this painting could be of. The first story is that it is a self portrait of former inmate Garry Webb. The other is that it could be of the notorious bushranger Mad Dog Morgan.

Is the paranormal supposed to be just experienced and not recorded?
13th April 2018 Sarah Chumacero 423 views. 0 comments. General, Paranormal Investigation.
Why is it that we do not trust any video evidence of the paranormal?  Why is it that when something odd happens, we never catch it on film?  Is the paranormal supposed to just be experienced and not recorded?

Different ways to work with EVP
10th April 2018 Sarah Chumacero 1340 views. 0 comments. General, Paranormal Equipment, Paranormal Investigation, EVP.
EVP is a staple technique of many investigators. A lot of people tend to just hit record and either leave a recorder running all night or to sit and ask questions. If this is becoming a bit of the same thing all the time, here are some new things you can try to spice up your EVP sessions.

Harry Houdini - Magician AND Paranormal Debunker
5th April 2018 Sarah Chumacero 1917 views. 0 comments. General.
Harry Houdini is most well known as one of the world's greatest magicians and escape artists. Did you also know that he had a passion for debunking paranormal frauds?

What is an EM Pump and why do investigators use them?
3rd April 2018 Sarah Chumacero 1122 views. 1 comments. General, Paranormal Equipment.
Once you start getting past the basic equipment that you probably see on tv shows, you start to venture out and look at ways you can potentially enhance your paranormal investigations. A lot of investigators like to use EM pumps! What is an EM pump, how does it work and why do we use them?

Fake spirit photography has actually been around for centuries
30th March 2018 Sarah Chumacero 1524 views. 0 comments. General, Famous Paranormal Cases.
While we have ghost apps and photoshop which make it easy for people to fake 'ghost photos', the concept is not exclusive to digital photography. Well before digital technology existed, people still found ways to produce fake 'spirit' photos. It has been happening for centuries.

I want to believe
30th March 2018 Sarah Chumacero 801 views. 0 comments. General.
We are all investigating the paranormal because we want to find answers. The question is however, are our belief systems influencing our investigations? Does religion, belief and skepticism influence the way we investigate the paranormal?

The Osterhase (Easter Bunny)
29th March 2018 Sarah Chumacero 532 views. 0 comments. General.
We know that Easter is traditionally a Christian holiday with some pagan roots. But where did the giant bunny come from? Here is all you need to know about the Easter Bunny or the Osterhase

29th March 2018 Sarah Chumacero 436 views. 0 comments. General.
Walking barefoot gives us a natural connection to the Earth's energy with health and spiritual benefits. Here is all you need to know about Earthing

Tragedy at Werribee Mansion
26th March 2018 Sarah Chumacero 1993 views. 4 comments. General, Paranormal Locations.
A beautiful mansion, a forbidden love story and two tragic deaths. This is the tragedy at Werribee mansion.

22nd March 2018 Sarah Chumacero 891 views. 0 comments. General.
Walking under ladders, black cats crossing your path and broken mirrors. These are just some of the common superstitions that have seemed to become a part of our normal life. Where did they actual come from and what is their significance? I look at some popular superstitions and their origins.

Learning and adapting from our mistakes with experiments
19th March 2018 Sarah Chumacero 435 views. 0 comments. General, Paranormal Investigation.
We need to learn and grow from our mistakes and use the lessons to our advantage. The best way to do this is through experimentation.

12th March 2018 Sarah Chumacero 1061 views. 1 comments. General, Paranormal Investigation.
Scrying is an ancient art of divination. It has also been adapted by paranormal investigators as a technique to make contact with the spirit world. What is the history behind scrying and how do you do it?

The Ganzfeld Experiment
11th March 2018 Sarah Chumacero 2064 views. 0 comments. General, Paranormal Investigation.
The Ganzfeld experiment is a controversial experiment originally used by parapsychologists to test telepathy and clairvoyance. Over the years it has since been adapted by paranormal investigators with the thought that by depriving our senses, we are potentially opening up our minds for a spirit to deliver us some sort of message or have a paranormal experience. The question is, does it work? Depends who you ask.

The non paranormal things we love about investigating the paranormal
10th March 2018 Sarah Chumacero 542 views. 0 comments. General.
We all of course love all things paranormal, but there are a lot of non paranormal reasons why we go out every weekend.

Why hasn't the paranormal field advanced as technology has evolved?
7th March 2018 Sarah Chumacero 855 views. 0 comments. General, Paranormal Investigation.
We certainly live in a technological age. Paranormal investigation in the modern day is overcome with different gadgets reading all sorts of things that we assume can help us detect the presence of a spirit. So why is it then paranormal researchers are turning back to the old school methodology? Why haven't we made any ground breaking discoveries along with the advancement of equipment? Perhaps it is because modern day investigators aren't looking for the same things researchers once were and are more motivated by an experience than validation?

Politeness VS Provocation
3rd March 2018 Sarah Chumacero 544 views. 0 comments. General, Paranormal Investigation.
To provoke or not to provoke. It can become a really heated topic amongst investigators. Just because we don't see them, a lot of people believe that spirits were once people and so should be treated with respect. While this is true, how do you then deal with the negative nasties that weren't so nice in life either. It's all about picking your moments.

When you see something out of the corner of your eye
27th February 2018 Sarah Chumacero 4330 views. 0 comments. General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know.
It is quite common especially during a paranormal investigation to see something out of the corner of your eye, but is it really paranormal? Here is all you need about blind spots and how once again, our eyes cannot be trusted.


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